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Better Law Through Technology

The advent of information technology, especially the Internet (and soon AI systems), is forever changing the speed and way business is conducted. This is especially true for the practice of law. Slingshot, LLC, was formed by a group of lawyers who share a singular vision to bring high-quality, competent legal services to the business community, providing rapid-turnaround, cross-jurisdictional and multidisciplinary offerings — only made possible through deep integration of advanced IT systems.

Our Culture

The big, traditional law firms are already dead, and they don’t know it yet. The younger generation of millennial, associate attorneys, who can — with a few clicks of the mouse — establish their own legal practice, simply refuse to work 80+ hours a week to line the pockets of older attorneys who don’t even use social media.

We are a paperless office. Our attorneys make their own hours. Our attorneys are incentivized to generate revenue, because when they make money we make money.

Our Method

Brand loyalty and promise is everything in today’s market economy. Referrals are important, but most business leaders prefer the reputation of an organization over the reputation of an individual. This is why we conduct our practice under multiple brands.

Incorporating best-of-breed technology helps us to minimize costs and turnaround time for our clients, while maximizing our capabilities and effectiveness of our services.

Donald Kochersberger
Larry Donahue
Donald Kochersberger

Head of our litigation group, Don is a highly sought-after litigator who is often hired by other attorneys to assist them with complex litigation.

Larry Donahue

Larry is an Intellectual Property attorney who serves in our transactional group. He also manages the Internet side of the business.

Seeking Exceptional Talent

We are a friendly, fast-paced organization of many exceptional folks. We’re a law office, a high-tech company, and an Internet company. We offer great benefits, flexible work schedule and much, much more. Think you’re good? Come check out out!

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The choice is clear … evolve with technology, or become forever surpassed by it.


Our Brands

Market Leaders in Business Legal Services

Law 4 Small Business

Law 4 Small Business (or L4SB) was founded to compete directly with the unlicensed legal providers on the Internet, such as LegalZ**m and similar providers (ULLP’s).

L4SB is a law firm, owned by Slingshot, and run by lawyers. Our services are priced competitively to the ULLP’s, can be purchased quickly over the Internet, and are actually provided by paralegals and licensed attorneys.

For over a decade, Business Law Southwest (or BLSW) has provided high-end, complex legal services dedicated to the business community in the Southwest United States.

BLSW is intended to serve the needs of mid-sized and larger organizations who seek a more traditional firm for their complex transactional and litigation needs.

Practice Areas

Dedicated Exclusively to the Needs of Business

We provide legal services exclusively to businesses and business leaders. We never represent consumers who have disputes against businesses. We are actively seeking new opportunities to improve the practice of law, by reducing costs, improving access to information or knowledge systems, reducing turnaround times for clients, and expanding into other jurisdictions.

  • Anonymous LLC Formation
  • Flat-Rate Internet Offerings
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mergers & Acquisitions; Complex Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Partnerships
  • Commercial Leases & Property
  • Complex Civil Litigation
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Professional Licensing & Liability
  • Corporate Criminal Defense
  • Breach of Contract Resolution
  • Taxation; Taxing Authorities
  • Construction, E-Commerce, IT & Real Estate

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If you are looking for legal services, please click on one of our brands above. If you are a vendor or attorney who wishes to do business with Slingshot, please contact us.

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